2 reasons why SMB will not win a Grand Slam: Arwind Santos and Leo Austria

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    For the 2nd straight season, SMB came up empty handed in its quest to capture the elusive Grand Slam. While the team definitely has the tools to achieve it, there are 2 reasons why it's almost impossible for them to win it.

    1. Leo Austria

    As long as this genius of a coach utilizes 7-8 men instead of 10-11, there's no way SMB will win all crowns at stake in one season. This team arguably has the deepest and most talented roster in the league, and yet it remains a mystery why Austria won't utilize his bench to the fullest. Chris Lutz is already rotting on the bench, and so is Arana and JR Reyes. These players are potential starters in other teams, and yet the coach hardly ever uses them.

    If Austria wants to win it, he should utilize his bench to the fullest.

    2. Arwind Santos

    Somebody should tell this 'loud mouth' of a player to let his game do the talking, and keep his mouth shut once and for all. As team captain, the worst you can do is set the bar too high for your teammates by proclaiming through media that your team is going after the Grand Slam. FYI, when San Mig won the GS Y2014 you didn't see their team captain announcing to one and all that they are going for the GS. Why? Simply because there's no need for it.

    SMB should target the titles one conference at a time. Santos announced their GS bid after winning the Philippine Cup last season, and he got the ball rolling again after SMB repeated as Phil Cup champs this year. As a result, SMB bombed out on the succeeding conference - the Commissioner's Cup. To make things worse, Santos again said the the team is renewing its quest for a GS next season. Talk about being a loud mouth. There is nothing wrong with going for the triple crown, but for Pete's sake to you have to announce it to the media? Do you have to announce it after winning only the 1st of three?

    If Santos wants to win it, he should just keep his mouth shut and let his game do the talking.

    If SMB wants to win it, they should take it one conference at a time. And strive for the GS only if the team wins the Philippine and Commissioner's Cup of the same season.
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  2. sniper

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    ewan ko nga ba dyan kay gagamboy kung bakit kelangan pang i-publicize yang Grand Slam na yan. pwede naman sa kanya na lang yan, wala naman mababago. pati buong team sinasama pa nya dyan, grabe tuloy ang pressure.
  3. Vhanekk

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    sabihin na nating mahaingin kasi yang si SANTOS ang daldal parang babae
  4. takumi

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    talented players not being used by leo should think twice or thrice before they rot in the bench. wasted talents only in leo's camp.
  5. radley

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    i read somewhere na sinabi din ni leo austria na pagod din daw kasi mga players nya sa practice ng gilas. anak ng tokwa naman coach, hindi kami tanga hoy!

    Grand Slam just happens, hindi yan pinaplano! mga :grrr!
  6. Vhanekk

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    mahangin kasi talaga yan... ayan nasobrahan tuloy
    o baka naman may sumpa din yan
  7. Beerman15

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    Si Junemar at coach Leo ang problema pag comms cup. not Arwind. Why?

    1st - during comms cup di ko nakikita na aggressive si Junemar pag may matchup siyang kasing tangkad nya or mas matangkad sa kanya.

    2nd - No setup plays for Junemar, Ahem, coach leo naman, MVP gagawin mong taga bigay ng pick sa loob? nakakascore lang minsan coming from broken plays yung mama eh,

    3rd - I think Arwind has already accepted his role. Its up to Junemar on how he will be able to adjust against bigger and faster imports.

    Last, Wag kumuha ng import na matakaw sa bola.



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